Monday, November 8, 2010

Our D-Day Has Arrived!!!!

Hi all,

We have sold our house and have been given a date of December 8th as the day we need to be moved out. I'm a bit pissed off about this because we were promised 45 days and we only got 30, but we'll have to make due with what we have. The house sold as a short sale, so we have no money from that. The person buying the house is a very nice woman, and we believe she'll treat the house right and be happy in it, something that was very important to us.

We can no longer afford to live in Los Angeles and have no desire to live anywhere else in California, so we have decided to move to the Pacific Northwest. We hope to move to Olympia in Washington. It will be ideal for us as the cost of living there is only about a third of what it is here. It's only an hour from Seattle and two hours from Portland in Oregon, two of our favorite cities.

The big problem is finding a place to live. We can't afford to travel up there to find an apartment and even if we could, we really don't have the time. We have a couple of friends who live in Olympia who have offered us help and it remains seen as to what type of help that will be, but one way of the other, I'm going to make it work for us. If we can't find a place in Olympia in the next couple of weeks, we'll start looking elsewhere. A friend mentioned Astoria, Oregon as a great place, so we'll see. I'll be checking Craigslist and any other rental help place I can find. Once we find that place to live, everything else will fall into place easily.

We will be renting a truck and moving ourselves. We'll be having a yard sale about a week before the move to try to cut back on the stuff we have to take with us. I know we'll be selling our washer and dryer, which is in great condition, and some furniture, such as a standard couch and our couch bed. Hopefully we'll get some good money, because we're doing this on the seat of our pants monetarily wise.

As soon as everything settles, I'll let you all know. I hope that I can get back to doing this blog again on a regular basis, but that will still have to wait a while, as we're going to be scrambling to keep from finding ourselves homeless, but you'll hear from me soon enough.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully you'll be hearing from us before Christmas with some good, settling news.

Love you all,


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