Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Almost no time to rant

(Originally posted on MySpace on Sunday, November 02, 2008)

Once again, I find myself with little time to do anything but play catch-up with everything that's piled up on me while I was on vacation. I'm probably a week away from getting to the place I'll be comfortable at. That will be just in time for the week-long visit of our friend, Nate, from Portland, and a visit to Disneyland for Goth Day, which of course, will put me behind again. After the New Year, I think I really need to go into social hibernation. Add you can on my apprehension about this week's coming election to me troubles. I've been having a hell of a time sleeping and I can't stop thinking about anything else.

I'm not so worried about the Presidential election. I'm pretty sure that Obama is going to take it. But you never know what tricks the Republicans have up their sleeves. They very well may have stolen the last two elections and I wouldn't put it past them to try again. And the apathetic people in this country just may let them. In the meantime, McCain has run a disgraceful campaign, especially in these later days, when he and his bubble-brained running mate have tried to paint Obama as an un-American socialist. I also resent their attempts to paint the coasts as not being truly American. Their attempt to win voters in the "Real America" of small towns and farming communities is cynicism at its highest. I've got news for them. I live in a big city. I'm gay. I have liberal tendencies. And I'm just as American as any auto worker or farmer in the Midwest or Alaska. So I offer a hearty "Fuck You, you Assholes" to McCain, Palin and any Republican who has echoed this stupid nonsense. I can't believe that just a couple of years ago I had so much respect for McCain that he may have gotten my vote if he stuck to his true beliefs. Now I wouldn't waste the water it would take to spit on him if he was standing in front of me. He went from national hero to national disgrace in my opinion. I'll be glad to see him lose.

What I'm worried about is the Proposition 8 battle. Proposition 8 is on the California ballot in an attempt to make same-sex marriage illegal again. Only a month ago, it looked like the proposition would easily go down in flames. But that was before the "good Christians" running the "Yes on 8" campaign started in with their fear-mongering and lies. I guess I should have expected it. These people have no real truth to their campaign. All they have is hate and bigotry. Any real argument they have against same-sex marriage falls apart with the first ting of a logical argument. The "marriage is for the children" arguement doesn't hold up unless they want to ban marriage for any heterosexual who can't have or decides not to have kids. The "traditional definition of marriage" argument falls apart at any study of history. Even the religion argument falls apart with a real study of what the Bible actually says. The fact is, they have nothing but hatred to fuel them and they justify their lies and close-to-illegal practices behind a veil of religious smoke and mirrors.

These "good" people have continued to claim that schools would be forced to teach about gay marriage, playing the shameful "child" card of fear and mistrust. They continue to claim that civil unions consist of the same rights as straight marriage. Just this week, they actually sent out flyers claiming that Obama and Biden support passage of the proposition. They have also been accused of threatening businesses and politicians who are against the proposition with boycotts and recalls. They will stop at nothing to get their agenda of hate and fear to pass.

And I'm afraid they may be winning. It's a shameful fact of life, but ignorance and the fear that ignorance produces are strong. And these "people of God" aren't afraid to use it to get to their own ends. Sometimes it just makes me want to give up and hide someplace where there aren't any people at all. Just like the Unabomber. Fortunately, I haven't gone over the deep end that much…yet.

So we'll see how it goes on Election Day Tuesday. I may be ecstatic or I may end up depressed as hell. Either way, I'll be commenting about it all again next week. The week after that, I'll finally get to that wonderful trip to Argentina I enjoyed a few weeks ago. Until then, thanks for reading and keep the faith.

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